Life 101

Be Kind

Kind is powerful

  • Kind is impactful!
  • Kind is good for your social life!
  • Kind builds meaningful relationships!
  • Kind is viral and contagious!
  • Kind is slow!

Kind is about balance!

  • Kind ~ Weak (for many people)
  • Kind ~ Weak (for yourself)

Learn how to learn

It is the most important thing you can learn!

Learning is about training !!

Learning needs training! learning new things for the sake of learning is how you train your brain to learn.

  • Learn new things even if you don’t need them.
  • Having a trainer will make you learn faster.
  • Struggle !!

Learning is a Cycle!

  • It is Okey if it’s harder this time.
  • Approach, learn, iterate !

Upside down vs buttom up

  • Upside down learning gives you Experience
  • Button Up gives you Knowledge
  • You need both, but in different contexts.


School is life’s free trial

  • Fail as much as you can.
  • Learn to fail fast, and retry.

School is about people

  • Meet new people! Learn how to meet good ones!
  • You build your network in school!

Be yourself and more!

  • It is hard to be yourself at school
  • Don’t take things for granted!

Rebelion is good! Complaining is HELL!

Career 101

You’re WRONG about networking

  • People who don’t know you, are not your network (yet) !!
  • People you added in linkedin are not your network (yet) !!
  • People you met at an event are not your network !!
  • Rule 1: your network knows who you are!
  • Rule 2: your network knows exactly what you can do for them!
  • Rule 3: Networking is about giving first!
  • Rule 4: Networking needs a lot of time!
  • Rule 5: Because it is about trust!
  • Rule 6: Networking is most of the time passive

Your career is a game

  • You got credits (points)
    • you earn credits when you win
    • you lose them when you lose
  • Everyone can know how much credits you got.
  • The earlier you fail, the easier to start over.
  • The bigger the risk you take, the more credits you earn.

The power of self-branding

Stop looking for a job and build a brand for yourself instead!

  • It’s not Danone! It’s a yogurt!
  • It’s not Bimo! It’s a biscuit!
  • It’s not Tide! It’s a laundry detergent!
  • It’s not La vache qui rit! It’s a cheese!
  • Start with picking the right audience first!
  • SPAM with style!
  • Don’t care OR care only when you need to!
  • Rare and mysterious are a good combo!
  • All you need is to prove yourself ONCE!
  • Stickers !!

Career 102

Communication is THE soft skill

Whoever you are and whatever you can do, if you don’t communicate, you are no good.

  • Know your audience!
  • Certainty is a must!

Tell the truth earlier

  • If something hurts talk!
  • If something is not okey talk!
  • If something is good talk!

Taking credit is an art

  • You should know when to take credit!
  • You should know what to take credit for!
  • Given credit > Taken credit!
  • Be like water !!

Story telling is a weapon

  • People love stories
  • If you can’t tell stories, no one will listen to you.

Your work communicates too

  • First thing people do is look who did that bad work or good work.
  • Your work ~ your fingerprint.
  • You express your values, mindset, attitudes through your work.

You are your environment

  • Whoever you are, your environment has a big impact on you.
  • Influence ~ Change ~ define

STOP!! You can’t

  • Stop panicking! you’ll drown yourself!
  • It’s Okey not to try!
  • You should know when to stop!

Don’t gossip

  • Gossiping is a prison, hard to escape from.
  • Once you do it you can’t undo it.

Life 101

Sprint vs Marathon

  • Two ways to go forward.
  • They require two types of different areas from the brain.

You are your actions

Your actions define who you are, your thoughts don’t!

Focus on yourself instead

This is the most Important thing to me!!