Hello World 👋!

I am Mohammed Daoudi aka Iduoad

I am a Devops engineer

At least that’s what people like to call me at work!

But !!


You can call me



Just another cool name for DEVOPS 🤷‍♂️

A Systems Engineer

I love building systems and administering them.

A Cloud Engineer

I enjoy building on the cloud and for the cloud.

for now: AWS

A Software Engineer

I sometimes write code 😎

in: Python, C++ and Go.

A hacker

I have a tendency to break things.

Don’t worry! I fix them later 🙄

Or just Iduoad

Preferably 😁

I love Linux 🐧

and support FOSS in general.

Full-time minimalist

Science geek

Community person

BTW go support Anaruz.

Animal Lover

Tea person

I love to cook

and I suck at it 👨‍🍳

I hike


I blog

about random things.

I play board games

and suck at them of course 🤣

Movies 🎥

I watched a lot of these!

Please submit your must-watch movies, that are not on the list here.

Let’s be friends!


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